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A-joint series is based on a cheap plastic saw horse bracket that was the typical victim of mass production. I came across these whilst studying fine furniture making at the ANU and was struck by the cleverness of the system. I ordered a pair and found them to not only exhibit a complete misappropriation of materials but a lack of integrity, and frankly, to be dangerously unstable.

I went about reengineering, altering the angle and making them more secure and suitable for varied timber and configurations. Finally, casting them in bronze and aluminium has secured their future. I am now confident that they are near indestructible and have many more uses outside the scope of the shed. I have made Marble tables weighing 600+ kg through to entire office fit outs and swing sets for kids…

The A-joint has also spawned variations in the way of a tri-legged A3-joint and a miniature version of the A-joint (A-joint mini), which works well for trestle tables, clothes racks and bench seats. The entire A-joint range operates around a common, standardised timber selection.

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